Pristyn Care’s Fit-tech Brand beatXP Introduces Three Advanced Smartwatch Models Nuke, Unbound Pro, and Unbound Era

beatXP, the fitness technology brand owned by Pristyn Care proudly announces the launch of its newest line of cutting-edge smartwatches, setting a new benchmark in the world of wearable technology. The beatXP Nuke, Unbound Pro, and Unbound Era are poised to revolutionise the way individuals experience connectivity, health monitoring, and style, reaffirming beatXPs commitment to innovation and excellence.

Each smartwatch in the beatXP lineup is equipped with advanced Bluetooth Calling

The beatXP Nuke, equipped with a 1.32″ Super AMOLED Display boasting 500 Nits and a 60Hz Refresh rate, epitomises sophistication and utility. This sleek smartwatch effortlessly blends into your everyday routine, boasting cutting-edge functionalities like seamless Bluetooth connectivity, round-the-clock health monitoring, and an extensive array of over 100 sports activities to choose from. Additionally, its IP67 water resistance ensures that users enjoy its features without compromise, even during their adventurous pursuits.

Accompanying the Nuke is the beatXP Unbound Pro, featuring a 1.96″ Super AMOLED Display with 800 Nits, a Rotary Crown for enhanced usability, and the same array of cutting-edge features, including Bluetooth Calling, 24/7 Health Tracking, and over 100 sports modes. The Unbound Pro, equipped with its IP67 water resistance, is tailor-made for individuals who lead active lifestyles. This target audience primarily includes fitness enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and anyone seeking a rugged, durable smartwatch to support their active pursuits.

The third variant is the beatXP Unbound Era, which takes the lead as the main model. It has an impressive 2.01″ Super AMOLED Display thats exceptionally bright at 1000 Nits. Its unique design, along with its IP68 water resistance rating and a range of features similar to its earlier models, places the Unbound Era as the peak of luxury and performance in the smartwatch industry.

We are thrilled to introduce our latest range of smartwatches, each meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled convenience, style, and functionality,” said Ashish Dhuvan, Vice President, beatXP. “With the beatXP Nuke, Unbound Pro, and Unbound Era, we aim to empower individuals to stay connected, monitor their health with precision, and make a bold statement with their wearable technology. These watches are a testament to our dedication to innovation and our commitment to delivering the best possible user experience.”

Each smartwatch in the beatXP lineup is equipped with advanced Bluetooth Calling, 24/7 Health Tracking, a Rotary Functional Crown for seamless control, over 100 sports modes, Menstrual Alerts, an AI Voice Assistant, a long-lasting battery, an extensive selection of 200+ watch faces, and Music Control functionality. With these groundbreaking features, beatXP continues to demonstrate its leadership in the smartwatch industry, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of consumers.

Aziz Alam, Vice President, beatXP, expressed, “The impressive growth of the Indian wearables market, with a big 37.2% rise in Q2 2023 and a notable 53% surge in the first half of the year, shows how much India is embracing technology. Smartwatches, in particular, have been leading this charge with a huge 99.3% growth, almost doubling shipments compared to last year. Here at beatXP, were really excited to be part of this tech wave with our new products, the beatXP Nuke, beatXP Unbound Pro, and beatXP Unbound Era. Crafted with the Indian market in focus, these sleek smartwatches combine cutting-edge technology with fashionable designs to cater to all our users.”

The beatXP Nuke will be available for Rs. 1499, the Unbound Pro for Rs. 2499, and the Unbound Era for Rs. 2499 starting on Amazon, Flipkart, and