Parshv P’adap, a Stone Carving and Sentimental Painting Camp by JAIN Shantamani Kala Kendra, Concludes with Great Fanfare

The week-long event featured participation of 20 stone sculpture and 30 painting artists from all over the country

The programme by Shantamani Kala Kendra provided a unique platform to showcase the holistic, culturally rich artistry of promising talents

Parshv P’adap, a week-long gathering of sculptors and painters from across India, wrapped up successfully today. The one-of-a-kind art talent search camp, hosted collaboratively by JAIN (deemed-to-be-University) Shantamani Kala Kendra and JAIN International Residential School (JIRS), featured a variety of artistic activities. These included a sculpture competition and a national painting camp, held at the JAIN Global Campus in Bengaluru. Focused on stone carving, sculpture, and emotional painting, the event aimed at fostering the artistic intelligence and creativity among the Indian artists through the unique platform.

The weeklong event, PARSHV PADAP, ended on high note

The event succeeded in uniting enthusiast sculptors, painters, coming from all states of the country and showcasing their holistic, culturally rich artistry through a socially driven national camp. Alongside artists, art enthusiasts, students, educators, and individuals across various age groups, the gathering was further enriched by the participation of one Divyang artist, who showcased his talent. Through their incredible creative freedom, these artists seamlessly blended elements of nature and humanity together and delivered uplifting messages relevant to todays world. Together, the participants celebrated the diversity and depth of artistry on display.

In appreciation of their contributions, the participants were not only bestowed with certificates and trophies but also cash rewards from the JAIN group. The stone carving sculptures with the artist’s name with metal labels are now on public display and leaving viewers completely spellbound with their stunning stone and painting creations. The stones are brought from Mysore for the sculpture.

Our objective in organizing the camp was to showcase the talent of artists through painting and sculpture presentations, providing them with a platform to elevate their standing in society. Today, as we witness these artistic creations, we feel an immense sense of pride in all the participants and a deep sense of accomplishment from the workshop,” said Mr. M S Parswanath, Director – Projects & Facilities, The JGI Group, JAIN (Deemed-to-be-University).

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Chenraj Roychand, Chancellor of Jain (Deemed-to-be-University) said, “Creativity and cultural enrichment play a vital role in future development. By supporting these initiatives, we invest in a future where children and artists, inspired by their cultural heritage, can thrive, become self-reliant and contribute meaningfully to the progress of their families, society, the nation, and the world.

Avinash D Kate, Dean of Art and Design at Shantamani Kala Kendra, said, “India has long been reputed for its artistic heritage that is evident in our temple artworks, monolithic structures, and ancient rock paintings. Hosting Parshv P’adap is our way of continuing this legacy and aiming to position our country as a global leader in arts and crafts.”

About Shantamani Kala Kendra

Shantamani Kala Kendra is envisaged as the fulcrum for liberal education in the University offering educational programmes in Fine Arts and Performing Arts, besides promoting and amalgamating various traditional and modern art forms. From time immemorial, these forms have been referred to as Lalit Kala. Shantamani Kala Kendra derives its name and inspiration from the former Chief Mentor of the JAIN Group of Institutions, the late Professor Shantamani, who was instrumental in developing and instituting the Ph.D. and post-graduate programmes in Performing Arts. In addition, Dr. Shantamani designed a unique course relating to Mind Management and Human Values, which is today being offered to all undergraduate students of the University.

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