Light Up Diwali With FNP’s Exclusive Gift Collection Delicious Gourmet Delights Alongside Sustainable and Personalized Treasures

As the festive season approaches, Ferns N Petals (FNP), Indias largest gifting brand, announces the grand unveiling of its Diwali Collection. With a shimmering array of over 1000 handpicked treasures, this years collection promises to ignite the spirit of Diwali, bringing warmth and joy to households across the nation. In anticipation of this radiant celebration, the brand is poised for a 60% surge in revenue and sales.

FNP Launches Diwali Hamper Complete With Delicious Dry Fruits, Sweets and Gourmet Chocolates

Udyat Gutguti, Director Category FNP said, “As we usher in the season of lights, we carry with us the traditions that unite us and the innovation that propels us forward. This Diwali Collection is more than a range of gifts; its a promise of joy, sustainability, and cherished memories.”

A Gourmet Affair

Within this magnificent collection lies a tapestry woven with threads of tradition and adorned with the sparkle of innovation. Adding to the gastronomic feast of Diwali, FNP is thrilled to introduce its own assortment of gourmet delight ranging from premium chocolates, dry-fruits and delectable Mithais. The irresistible Saffron Kaju Katli and Desi Ghee Laddoos, along with Jumbo Cashews and California Almonds, stand as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

A Tapestry of Tradition and Innovation

From the fragrant elegance of the finest flowers and indoor plants to the divine presence of hand carved figurines of deities, FNP’s collection epitomizes the art of gifting. The elaborate Diwali hampers complete with hand-painted diyas, metal lamps will illuminate the path to cherished memories, while a luxurious assortment of spa items and a tempting selection of hot beverages like organic tea will add a touch of health and nostalgia.

Eco-Friendly Radiance

In a world where sustainability is paramount, FNP takes pride in embracing eco-friendly practices and offering sustainable product options. The Diwali collection showcases eco-conscious products, including diyas and tea light candles crafted from soy wax embossed with pressed flower petals exuding a gentle soothing glow free from harmful fumes. Plantable stationery set, coasters made of recycled wood, fun cracker boxes filled with flower seeds. Whats more, the latest range of eco-friendly festive hampers are more than just gifts; they are a lifeline for endangered species, with proceeds from the sale directly contributing to the noble cause.

Personalized Gifting, Crafting Memories

FNP’s personalized gifting category, experiencing a 40% YoY growth, offers a unique range of customized treasures. From custom mugs that speak of cherished moments to LED lights that brighten hearts, photo frames that capture memories, and cushions that offer comfort, these gifts are the quintessential home decor assortment for the loved ones.

From Metros to Tier 2: A Unifying Celebration

While the bustling metros continue to shine with enthusiasm, FNP also anticipate a 25-30% surge in demand from Tier 2 markets this festive season. This highlights the brands reach and reflects the spirit of unity that Diwali represents.

FNP’s Diwali Gift Collection starts from Rs. 249