Khatamband: Geometric Algorithms by Manjeet Bullar Design

Khatamband: Geometric Algorithms by Manjeet Bullar Design, the 3-day bespoke furniture and accessories range was showcased at the Bikaner House, New Delhi culminated into an evening of enchanting stories and exotic display of design on 5th November 2023. Manjeet Bullar is one of the most celebrated and cherished names in the design world. This prestigious furniture and accessories exhibition showcased Khatamband, a very popular woodworking technique that flourished in Kashmir after its introduction from Iran around the 14th century. The influences from Persia and the various indigenous elements of Kashmir interwoven into the upholstery and reflecting on the designs truly wowed the visitors and guests.

Bespoke Interior by Manjeet Bullar Design

The gala evening of 5th November saw several dignitaries and celebrities like Daler Mehndi, fashion designer- JJ Valaya, Chandan Gandhi, Mr. Diwan from Diwan Sahib, Saggar Mehra noted names like Vikramjeet Sawhney, Nasser Abdullah, author Prabol Das Gupta, actress Mita Vashisht, celebrated Vastu Shastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal accompanied by military veterans from the armed forces and Gen. Chhetri, Former Army Chief of Nepali Army.

Legendary Institution of Music Daler Mehndi

It was a delightful convergence of talent and expertise from diverse fields. The highlight of the event was the extraordinary collection of Khatamband-inspired luxury furniture & accessories; and military-inspired jackets, which left the attendees in awe. The designs, materials, and craftsmanship on display showcased the rich heritage and contemporary innovation. From opulent wooden carvings to sleek, modern designs, the range offered something for every taste and preference. There were many firsts which captured the audiences attention – India’s longest swede shawl (60mts), woven in Gaddi in Himachal. Anhad meticulously planned a ramp show with students of AAFT (Asian Academy of Film and Television), Noida in order to showcase the range.

Mr. Manjeet Bullar, sharing his views on this unique exhibition said, “History is Now” – this phrase has deeply influenced the thought process of evolving the Manjeet Bullar Brand over more than three decades. This exhibition took a leaf out from the same manual of history where the idea of Algebraic algorithms in a quantum mode has transformed into contemporary application in design leading to an exemplary illustration of products, furniture, art and concepts fused with textiles and fashion. The three days of the exhibition hosted in tandem with Cavallo India, House of Hindee and Arteform were absolutely action-packed with visitors doing the showround and soaking in insights about the military regime, the flora fauna of Kashmir and listening attentively to Anhad Bhullar Malhotra, daughter of Mr. Manjeet Bullar who spearheads the distinctive collection of military jackets range and brooches.

Salut magazine kept the most insightful session on General Amar Singh Kanota and showcased the documentary on this most decorated officer’s life and his three military careers. The great-granddaughter of Gen Amar Singh Kanota was invited to enlighten the audience present on his life and illustrious career.