Indian Branding Guru recognizes Entrepreneurs, Founders and Small Scale Business Owners by Honouring their Struggle with Indian Brands Day

Indian branding pioneer Shailendra Shivakumar has come up with a bold new initiative to empower entrepreneurs all over India.

Indian branding guru & Indian branding pioneer – Shailendra Shivakumar

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other characteristics that differentiates one’s goods or services from other sellers. Brands are all around us. They are used in business, marketing, and advertising for recognition and more importantly to create and increase value in the customer’s mind. Brand names are sometimes very unique to easily distinguish from generic brands.

Today in India, many small business owners face a variety of challenges that may halt their growth or success. These challenges can range from complex economic, regulatory, social and infrastructural factors. One of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses in India is competition with international giants. With giants such as Amazon, Uber, McDonalds penetrating the Indian economy, small scale businesses are struggling to find ways to stay afloat.

Most businesses do not realise how to tackle the problem. Most businesses fail to exercise the advantage of franchise, as they fail to duplicate and standardise their business processes and practices in other parts and areas. Hence, the brand of their business never gets heard.

Therefore, having a brand allows businesses to successfully differentiate themselves from competition. Most entrepreneurs believe that building a brand is more important than building a business. Brand is also about building and pushing the boundaries of a culture within the business. A brand is defined not by the increase in capital but the increase in reach with people.

Indian Brand Day is an initiative created by BIRTH MARQUE. This “International Indian Brand Day” honours every Indian entrepreneur and founder who initiated and worked endlessly to build their brands from scratch in and around the world. November 10th is a day to be proud and celebrate the success of vision-driven individuals.

Any founder or entrepreneur from India is entitled to celebrate this auspicious day in memory of their achievements. All Indian brands from small business to big business are entitled to celebrate “Indian Brand Day“.

The top digital marketing agency in Chennai, BIRTH MARQUE, is pleased to support you in building your brand on this special day. They honour the effort of creative, diligent and aspiring Indian entrepreneurs who have made their mark in the business world.

A bold initiative “Nangulam Brands Dhan” from BIRTH MARQUE. This initiative is all about supporting and empowering small scale businesses all over India. On Nangulam Brands Dhan youtube channel, you can find videos of small scale business owners voicing out their concerns and way of life. This is to highlight their side of the stories and help them be a part something bigger, more specifically to give their voice a platform.

BIRTH MARQUE is more than just a name; they give brands an identity. From one of the top advertising agencies in Chennai the Founder and CEO of BIRTH MARQUE, Shailendra Shivakumar is a very focused individual, who creates brand identity strategies and stories to propel brands to the next level. He is driven, creative, disciplined and aspirational with more than 13+ years experience in the industry. He is an Indian Branding Pioneer that stands with entrepreneurs, founders and small scale business owners.

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