India records world’s lowest COVID-19 fatality rate below 2.5 percent

For the first time, India’s fatality rate of COVID-19 fell below 2.5 percent. This was revealed by the government on Monday.

The Union Health Ministry today said that India has one of the lowest fatality rates in the world. It said, due to the focused efforts of Centre and State and Union Territories governments on efficient clinical management of hospitalized cases have ensured that the Case Fatality Rate falls to 2.49 percent.

The ministry said, with effective Containment Strategy, aggressive testing and standardized clinical management protocols based on holistic Standard of Care approach, the Case Fatality Rate has significantly dipped.

Under the guidance of the Centre, the State and UT governments have ramped up the testing and hospital infrastructure by combining public and private sector efforts.

Many States have conducted the population surveys to map and identify the vulnerable population like the elderly, pregnant women and those with co-morbidities.

The Health Ministry said, at the ground level, front line health workers like ASHAs and ANMs have done a commendable job of managing the migrant population and to enhance awareness at the community level.

As a result, there are 29 States and UTs with Case Fatality Rate lower than the India average.

Five States and UTs have a Zero Case Fatality Rate. While 14 States and UTs have a Case Fatality Rate of less than one per cent.