ANNY and Sanjhi Sikhiya Join Hands to Revolutionize Rural Education in India, Calling for Collective Support

ANNY, the trailblazing D2C E-Commerce start-up, proudly announces its collaboration with the esteemed non-profit organization, Sanjhi Sikhiya, in a noble mission to enhance the standard of primary education in rural India. ANNY, renowned for its commitment to innovation and societal development, launched an initiative encouraging its customers to contribute to this transformative cause voluntarily.

ANNY and Sanjhi Sikhiya together revolutionzing Rural Education in India

With an unwavering dedication to nurturing a brighter future for the underprivileged, ANNY has pledged to facilitate the provision of essential resources and support to Sanjhi Sikhiya. Through this dynamic partnership, both entities strive to catalyze sustainable change within rural education, fostering an environment conducive to holistic growth and learning for every child, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

The heart of this visionary partnership lies in ANNYs call to action for its customers, urging them to participate in this benevolent endeavor. For every transaction on the ANNY website, customers will have the opportunity to contribute a nominal sum of INR 5, with the entirety of the proceeds directly benefiting Sanjhi Sikhiyas initiatives. This voluntary contribution embodies ANNYs commitment to fostering a culture of giving back and driving meaningful impact within the communities it serves.

Commenting on this groundbreaking collaboration, Ms. Aveen Kaur, Co-founder of ANNY, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to align our efforts with Sanjhi Sikhiya, a pioneering force in reshaping the landscape of primary education in rural India. Through our joint commitment and the collective support of our valued customers, we aspire to create a lasting impact, empowering young minds and fostering a love for learning that transcends socioeconomic barriers.

Sanjhi Sikhiya, renowned for its relentless efforts in advocating for equitable education opportunities, warmly welcomes ANNYs partnership and the profound impact it is set to catalyze. Mr. Simranpreet Singh Oberoi, Founder of Sanjhi Sikhiya, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, affirming, “With ANNYs dedication and the generosity of its customers, we are poised to make a significant stride in our mission to revolutionize primary education in rural India. Together, we can create a ripple effect that empowers communities and ignites a passion for learning among the future leaders of our nation.”

As this innovative alliance sets forth on its mission to transform lives and carve a path toward educational equity, ANNY invites media houses, both online and offline, to join in spreading awareness about this impactful initiative. Through comprehensive coverage and support from the media, the message of hope and opportunity can reach every corner of the nation, inspiring a wave of collective action and solidarity in the pursuit of a brighter, more inclusive educational landscape for all.

For further inquiries and information regarding the collaboration between ANNY and Sanjhi Sikhiya, please contact the ANNY Public Relations team at or visit

About ANNY

Established with a vision to redefine the e-commerce landscape, ANNY is a pioneering D2C brand committed to delivering unparalleled quality and innovative products to its diverse customer base. Driven by a strong ethos of social responsibility, ANNY continues to champion initiatives that drive positive change and foster sustainable development within communities across India.

About Sanjhi Sikhiya

Sanjhi Sikhiya is a distinguished non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of primary education in rural India. With a focus on fostering holistic growth and learning opportunities, Sanjhi Sikhiya endeavors to create a conducive educational environment that empowers every child to unlock their full potential and thrive in their academic journey.