Thick smog engulfs Guwahati after Diwali celebrations

Days after Diwali, Guwahati is covered with thick smog from the aftereffects of firecrackers.

In the midst of Diwali festivities, Guwahati’s Air Quality Index (AQI) is still 174 AQI (POOR) as of Tuesday morning even as the recommended limit for PM2.5 concentration is 3.20 times higher in Guwahati, at 80 µg/m3.

Compared to other cities, New Delhi has 589 (severe) AQI in real time on Monday morning, and 448 (µg/m2) of PM2.5 is present, which is 17.92 times more than the recommended limit.

With an AQI of 92 (bad), Mumbai has 1.72 times the recommended limit of PM2.5 at 43 (µg/m2). As of right now, Patna had 476 AQI, New Delhi had 378 AQI, and Noida had 362 AQI on the previous day. These are the three most polluted cities in the nation.

The cities with the lowest levels of pollution in the nation are Kolar (8 AQI), Aizawl (4 AQI), and Kohima (7 AQI). Moreover, Guwahati’s 24-hour average AQI is 138, higher than Assam’s 132 as a whole. However, India’s average score remains at 138 AQI.