Police apprehend notorious land fraudster for forging documents in Guwahati

Dispur Police in Guwahati successfully apprehended a notorious fraudster involved in the forgery of land documents. The arrest took place in Juripar, situated in the Panjabari locality of Guwahati. The fraudster, identified as Amjad Ali, was allegedly engaged in a series of fraudulent activities, primarily centered around the creation of counterfeit land-related documents.

Officials revealed that Ali specialized in producing forged land registration papers, often using the names of deceased individuals to conceal his illicit activities. One specific instance involved the accused forging the signature of a deceased person named Ahidur Rahman.

The unraveling of this intricate fraud scheme began when the family members of Ahidur Rahman discovered the illicit activities and promptly lodged a formal complaint at the Dispur Police Station, with the case assigned the number 1158/23.

Promptly responding to the filed complaint, the Dispur Police launched a thorough investigation into the matter. The diligent efforts of law enforcement led to the identification and subsequent arrest of Amjad Ali. The arrest represents a significant breakthrough in curbing fraudulent land-related activities that can have far-reaching implications for affected families and communities.