Assam DGP warns against support for banned militant groups, issues strong message

In a resolute move to curb support for banned militant organizations, Assam’s Director General of Police (DGP) GP Singh has issued a stern warning, emphasizing the legal consequences for those endorsing or joining such groups. The message, conveyed in Assamese via the social media platform X, cautions the public to be mindful of their expressions on social media concerning these outlawed outfits.

DGP GP Singh minced no words, declaring, “Anyone willing to join or support any terrorist group banned by the government will be arrested and prosecuted according to law. Please be careful about what you write about banned organizations on social media.” This statement reflects a proactive approach to preemptively address potential threats to the state’s security. This strong stance by the Assam DGP follows a highly publicized exchange with Paresh Barua, the commander-in-chief of the United Liberation Front of Assam-Independent (ULFA-I). In a bold challenge, Barua had urged DGP GP Singh to navigate Guwahati without security for a week. Singh’s response has been to reinforce the government’s commitment to safeguarding residents and maintaining constitutional norms, reiterating the police force’s dedication to upholding law and order.

The friction between DGP GP Singh and ULFA-I escalated when Singh openly dared the banned militant outfit to target him if he posed a threat. The subsequent warning to the public appears to be a strategic move to thwart any potential surge in support or recruitment for such organizations in the aftermath of these confrontations. In emphasizing the adherence to legal procedures, DGP GP Singh aims to quell any notion of impunity associated with supporting banned militant groups. The explicit caution regarding social media underscores the increasing role of online platforms in shaping public opinion and potential recruitment grounds for extremist ideologies.

As Assam navigates these challenges, the DGP’s message underscores the delicate balance between maintaining public safety and respecting constitutional principles. The proactive stance against potential threats from banned militant groups showcases the state’s commitment to preemptive measures, even as it operates within the framework of the law.