The Israel-Hamas war

We have Israelites who were on the receiving end of Hamas on October 7th. 2023.

Hamas Mitants infiltrated the Israeli Borders in hordes and were in excess of 3000 men.

They raided the populated areas and killed approximately 1200 people, mostly Israelis and people from other countries.

These Hamas Militants raped and killed girls, women and males. Mostly rape and murder. Many were killed while getting raped.

So what’s the justification?

Small kids and babies were murdered, throats slit.

They call it acts of war.

So we have Israeli Men who are out to get and give justice for these murderous acts.

While the rest of the world stood by dumbfounded and with no guts to make any statements against Hamas Mitants, the ones who were on the receiving end, we can easily understand their state of mentality

The world population waited with bated breath.

Only One Country, The United States of America and its present Government led by President Biden, declared unconditional support to Israel. Many countries followed suit later. This was a level headed decision.

The top hierarchy of Israeli Government felt the insane killings of about 1200 of their people on October 7, 2023 with great remorse.

Man to man, a situation which only Male folks understand.

Undoubtedly, IDF and Israeli Army, Navy and Air Force has its equal share of Female personnel, equally trained in all aspects of war.

So what happened.

The Israeli Government decided that their women and children, the old and innocent population Must be protected at all costs.

What Hamas Militants did must never be repeated ever.

Israel declared a state of War upon Hamas People who perhaps are in excess of 50,000.

Why else does Hamas need subterranean Reinforced Cement Concrete Tunnels under the Gaza Strip? From 10 to 30 meters deep under the earth’s surface.

500 kilometers of these tunnels crisscrossing pathways.

IDF waited for a longer than necessary time before striking Army War Operations upon Hamas people in Gaza, who took refuge amongst the civilian populations.

Israeli Army warned the Palestinian civilian population to exit from strike areas and rush to safety.

Thousands of people did rush out from the demarcated areas but they were pushed back by the Hamas Militants so Israel Army would not attack them.

What the Israeli Defence Forces is doing by returning the criminal offenses done by Hamas people, is not mindless, brainless revenge out of rage.

This is planned Army maneuvers to defeat the enemy.

Today it is Israel, tomorrow it may be the neighbouring countries. The Hamas people did these acts of Atilla the Hun / Ghengis Khan time zone savagery with total understanding of what they were doing.

One dual citizen female was abducted, etc. IDF later on, found her skull sans the body somewhere else on the battle field.

Her DNA samples extracted from skull matched her medical records. It’s on record.


Israelis are only trying to protect themselves, their comrades, their fellow citizens.

Conversely, the Hamas and their top leadership have reiterated their commitment to drive out Israelis from Israel. So where do they go?

They converted pure desert land terrain into fertile lands over a period of 50 years or so. They have no record or data of incursion into neighbouring territory or countries till date.

Even today Mr. Netanyahu and his government has made it clear that Palestinians will be allowed to reenter Gaza Strip after the war is over.

That the Israeli government is not keen to govern Gaza nor the Palestinians. The mode of formalities are to be established after the War is over.

Palestinians as a race, it is said, is a very old population, perhaps after the Egyptian race.

So are the Israelites.

So will the Palestinians keep on referring to ancestories?

It’s meaningless.

The ordinary man next door also has an ancestory which dates back to the same time periods. So is the entire Human Race.


We all are as old as the beginning of the Human Race.

Nobody is a new Human.

IDF has claimed to have killed in retaliation very many of the Hamas militants who took part in the brutality on October 7, 2023.

It seems their intelligentsia has a full record or data of each and every person who crossed their borders on that date.

Undoubtedly, the civillian Palestinian population residing in Gaza Strip territory is suffering because they are on the receiving end of this War.

Every day, the death toll of such civilians is mounting from strikes by the Israeli Defence Fotces.

Who is to blame for these events?

Do we expect IDF to sit back and relax while the civilians exit the attack areas but conversely, get driven back by their Hamas people?


Hamas is using these tactics of rape of innocents, mainly women, killing slit throats of kids and children as Weapons of War. A new kind of a modern day war. How long will this go on?

Hamas organization is aided and abetted by the Houthis and the Hezbollah.

In case of an extended war in this region, Israel is more than capable of taking care on a permanent basis both the organizations, one in Lebanon and the other nearby.

Houthi Militants and sea pirates are now on the receiving end from the major parts of the world because their actions of a supposed war are creating Sea Route blockades in the major Commercial Routes in this part of the world. It seems the Houthis are making these senseless acts of interference on Commercial sea routes to create imbalances in International Business activities. These acts are bound to create artificial price rise all over the world. Or else, they are regional oriented enough to create these disturbances as an alternative to aid the Hamas people so Israel stops its Mitliary War Operations on the Gaza Strip.

All said and done, Israeli Government has publicly declared it will exterminate all the members of Hamas.


For want of public sanity, IDF has not released body cam video clips retrieved from Hamas mitants who were killed on October 7 inside Israeli territory.

It’s gory, bloodshed, raw footage of murder and senseless killings.

So who is to blame?

In the end, who will negotiate with whom? Certainly not Israelites with Hamas, because according to confirmed news reports emanating from the war fields, every day Hamas Mitants are being killed in unconfirmed numbers.

If this is to be taken into account, then the top leadership of Hamas will have a dozen members maybe, to gather together and negotiate with Israeli Government.

Conversely, Hamas has refused to surrender to Israel. Never.

Israelis are in no mood to negotiate. Not now, nor ever. Not after what happened.

Thanks for your time.

Written by a conscientious citizen.