PM Modi cautions nation ahead of festival season

Citing a second wave of infections in other countries, PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday exhorted people not to rush to the conclusion that the battle against the virus had been won and lower the guard until they have been vaccinated.

Speaking against the backdrop of a steady drop in infections and the assessment that Covid-19 may have hit the peak in India, Modi said the threat from the virus was still alive, emphasising that people could become complacent only at the cost of their family’s well- being.

“We must keep in mind that lockdown may have ended but the virus is still here. This is not the time to be careless or to believe that Covid-19 has ended. If you are careless and are moving around without a mask, you are putting yourself, your children and the elderly in your family at risk,” Modi said in a televised address.

In his seventh address to the nation in last seven months, PM Narendra Modi said, in the fight against corona, people of India have come a long way from Janta curfew till today. He said, till the vaccine of this pandemic comes out, the fight against Corona should not be weakened .

The Prime minister reminded people not to forget that even though the lockdown is gone, the virus has not gone yet. PM Modi thanked doctors, nurses, health workers those who are selflessly serving such a large population.

The Prime Minister said, compared to world, India is saving more lives. He said, more than 90 lakhs bed, 12 thousand quarantine centres and two thousand covid labs are available in the country.

Prime Minister said, India is succeeding in saving the lives of more and more of its citizens than the resource-rich countries of the world. The growing number of tests has been a major strength in the fight against the COVID pandemic.

PM Modi said country’s mortality is low and recovery rate is good. He also said effort will be to ensure Covid vaccine reaches all. Prime Minister also appealed to media to spread awareness.

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