10th virtual meeting of BRICS NSAs today

The 10th meeting of the BRICS High Representatives on National Security chaired by Russia, will be held via video link on Thursday.

The National Security Advisors of the BRICS nations will deliberate upon the issues related to strengthening political security and cooperation among the five countries. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin at a press briefing on Wednesday confirmed participation of Yang Jiechi, Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee, in today’s meeting.

He said, China is ready to work with other BRICS members for positive outcomes of this meeting and deepening mutual strategic trust in political security. However, he refused to answer a question on Pakistan’s vicious agenda to show a fictitious map during SCO NSA’s meeting on Tuesday which was in violation of SCO charter.

India, Russia and China are members of BRICS, SCO and RIC and act as platform for mutual trust building and cooperation. This year Russia is chair of BRICS and SCO. Russia tried to stop Pakistan for such behavior at Tuesday’s SCO NSA meet but China shied away from even acknowledging the vicious act of Pakistan, it’s all weather friend.

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