Survey reveals Delhiites favour closure of markets to contain COVID-19

A recent survey by the community forum LocalCircles has revealed that 74 percent of Delhiites were in favour of some type of shutdown of markets and non-essential shops, services to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The study has found that 46 percent citizens across India favour some type of lockdown in districts or cities experiencing a spike in coronavirus cases.

It has also found that 32 percent Indians support a three-week lockdown in cities with 1000+ active cases or states with 10,000+ active cases. Sixty percent citizens across India believe lockdowns will lead to short-or medium-term economic setback and are not worth it, while 38 percent say it should still be done.

The survey was conducted to understand what the citizens want in terms of lockdown measures and how far they believe it will help. With a special focus on Delhi, it asked the city’s citizens whether they’d support lockdown or a shutdown of markets or non-essential shops or services to contain the spread of Covid-19 cases. The survey received more than 20,000 responses from 241 districts of India. The Delhi-specific question on the survey received more than 10,000 responses from residents of the city.

With almost 9 million Covid-19 cases to date, and new emerging hotspots like Delhi-NCR, India ranks at second position, just behind the US with 11 million cases. The situation is grim in Delhi where the Centre has had to intervene once again to control the massive surge. Concerns have been raised by the Delhi government about hotspots like popular marketplaces. Sources within the government say that the health ministry has been particularly concerned about a high positivity rate at colonies next to markets like east Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar.

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