Manufacturers will have to declare product’s prices in units from 2022

The manufacturers will have to make additional declarations to Maximum Retail Price (MRP) as the government will implement new packaging norms from next April.

Following these changes, the manufacturers will have to make additional declarations to MRP by mentioning the price of the commodity per unit – per kg or litre for items weighing more than a kg or litre; and per gram or milliliter (ml) for items less than one kg or a litre.

Meanwhile, there will also be similar norms for items that can be measured in meters and centimeters. According to amended Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) rules also removes the ”specified quantities” norms for packaging for 19 types of items including milk, tea, biscuits, edible oil, atta, soft drink and drinking water, baby food, pulses and cereals, cement bag, bread and detergents.

Apart from these, another change is mandatory declaration of ”month and year of manufacture” on imported packaged items instead of the current regime either month or date of import or pre-packing.

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